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  • RB-1 6.834 GHz Frequency Synthesizer My CMS

    7 行· The RB-1, 6.834 GHz Frequency Synthesizer, is a high stability and high resolution signal source designed to be used in the implementation of a Rubidium atomic clock. The RB-1 is provided in two separate enclosures, the Synthesizer Module and the DC Module, both in a

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  • Rubidium Frequency Standards Frequency Electronics, Inc.

    Rubidium Frequency Standards: Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standards are being used increasingly in telecommunication applications, particularly wireless telephone networks. With increased demand for cellular services but limited bandwidth, the requirement for precise timing becomes paramount. • Modular Construction. Traditional Rubidium

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  • Rubidium Frequency Standard FS725

    FS725 Rubidium Frequency Standard The FS725 integrates a rubidium oscillator (SRS model PRS10), a low noise universal AC power supply, and distribution amplifiers in a compact half-width 2U chassis. It provides stable and reliable performance, with an estimated 20 year aging of less than 5 × 10 -9 and a demonstrated rubidium oscillator MTBF of

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  • PRS10 Rubidium Frequency Standard

    Manufacturers of rubidium frequency standards sometimes use a crystal frequency that is an exact sub-multiple of the hyperfine transition frequency in order to simplify the design of the RF frequency synthesizer. Some designs use a DDS synthesizer, clocked by the crystal, to

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  • Rubidium Frequency Standard

    The Microchip XPRO is a high performance rubidium oscillator designed for a wide range of telecommunications and test and measurement applications. 8040C Rubidum Frequency Standard Stable and accurate Rubidium atomic clock performance delivers synchronisation outputs for precision test equipment in a 1U rack mount package.

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  • Build a 10MHz Rubidium Frequency Standard and Signal

    Aug 03, 2013· Having gotten myself a Rubidium Frequency Standard I found that the unit on its own is not that useful, its really just a component and needs really a supporting PSU and a decent enclosure to make it useful. I was searching around for something suitable when I was directed to a robust quality unit being sold on e-bay for just £20 with an

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  • FEI-Zyfer GPS Time and Frequency Reference Modules C/A

    16 行· and Control Module: 407-4103-12 : SAASM FORCE 22E receiver with Rubidium Osc. and

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  • Rubidium clock module unsuitable as a lab standard? Page 1

    Jan 19, 2019· Where rubidium standards are designed to be used for frequency standards, it is hard to see what the objection might be. If it were set up for an odd output frequency, required a digital rather than analog tuning signal, or output a square rather than a sine wave, that might be a problem depending on the application.

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  • Time and Frequency System Microsemi

    • Oscillator upgrades: OCXO, High Stability OCXO, Rubidium, High Stability Rubidium • 1, 5, 10 MHz/MPPS frequency outputs • Low phase noise frequency output (5MHz and 10MHz) • Enhanced Low Phase Noise 10 MHz output • N.1 Frequency Synthesizer, 1PPS to 50MPPS in 1PPS steps Have Quick/1PPS Time and Frequency Reference • Have Quick output

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  • Rubidium Frequency Standard eTesters

    The ptf 4210A Rubidium Frequency Standard is a unique solution for providing a highly stable, low phase noise, frequency reference for applications requiring atomic reference stability performance. The instrument contains a high performance rubidium module

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  • Rubidium Oscillators Distribution Amplifier, Rubidium

    GPS Receiver integrated into module; Replacement for expensive low ageing crystal oscillators; Precision Test has many models of rubidium frequency standards including: RFS10E Rubidium Frequency Standard. The RFS10E is a 1U low profile rubidium frequency

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  • 10MHz OCXO Frequency Standard Module or Kit from IR

    This is an OCXO 10MHz Frequency Standard module with high stability VFC. There are 4 options available: Option A Complete unit, with OCXO calibrated against our Rubidium standard (note 1);

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  • Using GPS to Fine-Tune a Rubidium Frequency Standard

    Rubidium Frequency Standard LPRO-101 10 MHz rubidium oscillator module manufactured by a company named Datum. I purchased one on eBay for about $75 including shipping from Hong Kong. I

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  • Time and Frequency Modular Time and Frequency System

    Model 9101-3 GPS Reference, With Rubidium Oscillator, Antenna and 50 Feet of Coaxial Cable Distribution Model 9106 4-Channel Digital Distribution Module (DDM), TTL Levels Model 9107 4-Channel Frequency Distribution Module

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  • 8040C and 8040CLN Microsemi

    The Microsemi 8040C and 8040CLN provide a stable and accurate frequency reference with multiple output signal formats in an easy to install 1U rack mountable chassis. The 8040C/8040CLN delivers atomic clock performance, improved frequency

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